Tradition and innovation

Make old things in a new way – this is innovation.
Joseph Schumpeter

Tradition and innovation

2020, the year in which the company was founded, represented a great challenge for everyone and a period of profound uncertainty.

Here at Parmital we have decided to believe in the power of innovation and start our business in Parma, a city with deep cultural and entrepreneurial roots and the cradle of a culinary tradition of the highest level.

From a wise intuition began study and research, and then the concrete realization of a product whose flavor and quality surprises positively at every taste: the FORMAGICO

Thanks to an innovative patented process we are able to make every type of cheese creamy and spreadable, in a 100% natural way and keeping the flavor of the cheese unaltered.

We give a new form to the conventional use of cheeses, with the heart in the tradition and the eye towards the future.

From all this comes the FORMAGICO range of products, made strictly without additives, preservatives and melting salts, in a totally natural way using only selected raw materials. And they are just like that, DELICIOUS!

Research and development for companies

Parmital provides a support service to the R&D departments of the partner companies during the testing phase (e.g. approach to new markets or launch of new products) and in the production phase (providing the raw material). It ensures support to the research and the internal development team.
The study and development of new products and innovative technological solutions applicable to the food industry is one of the company’s main objectives.

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